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Slave of Brands

Shefaly had tagged me for this meme a LONG time back! Because of my self imposed hiatus, this response took longer than the expected wait time. Better late than never…

These are the brands that I use on a regular basis. I couldn’t categorize them on an hourly basis, because I keep using some products throughout the day:

1. Colgate – Toothpaste
2. L’Oreal – Shampoo
3. Johnson & Johnson – Body lotion
4. Maybelline – Eyeliner
5. MAC – Mascara
6. Ecotints – Organic lip tint
7. Davidoff – Perfume
8. Nike – Deodorant
9. Compaq – Laptop
10. Google – Needs no explanation
11. Toad – Running SQL Queries
12. Oracle – Database management tool
13. Microsoft – The necessary evil
14. Yahoo – Email, yeah…
15. Tupperware – Storage
16. Rubbermaid – Storage, again
17. T-Mobile – Cell phone service
18. Firefox – I’m powered by Firefox
19. WordPress – I’m using it now
20. Yoplait – Fat free, strawberry flavored Yoghurt
21. Epson – My 3 -in-1 Printer/Scanner/Photocopier
22. Bath & Body Works – Liquid Hand Soap
23. White- Westinghouse – Microwave
24. Sag Harbour – Leather Purse
25. Sony Ericsson – Cell phone
26. Kenneth Cole – Wrist watch
27. Ziploc – Storage!
28. Pringles – Some potato chips
29. Pentel – Cheap ballpoint pen
30. Office Depot – Other office supplies
31. Dell – Workplace computer

32. Nissan – My wheels

I could probably increase this list and include many other things. But these are the brands that cropped up in my mind first. I guess my interest is quite varied. I really don’t know whom to tag. Looks like everyone has already done this. If you haven’t, then feel free to steal it from here.


24 thoughts on “Slave of Brands

  1. Yahoo for email ?

    13. Microsoft – The necessary evil : that was a good one 😉 Necessary evil ……….

    MAC – Mascara : I thought it was about Mac laptop 😉

    Firefox .. got firefox 3 yet ?

  2. That’s a lot of brands! It’s interesting to see how global we have become because quite a few of those brands are familiar to us in India. Except for Ecotints, Toad, Yoplait, Bath & Body Works, White Westinghouse, Sag Harbour, Pentel, Office Depot…is that a long list? Well, probably others know of them, but I have never heard of them!

  3. @ Ruhi: I think practically everyone is slave to their brand choices, some more consciously than others. 🙂

    The more interesting exercise here is pattern recognition. It seems that web and consumer tech brands are fairly global in their appeal; while consumables, with the exception of Colgate, are more ‘local’. The TQ (travelling quotient) also affects familiarity although this would have to be inferred from the responses.

    If I lived in America, my brand timeline would definitely have included Restoration Hardware, and Sur La Table.

    PS: Fat free yoghurt? I am surprised. The ingredients’ list will show that they thicken the otherwise runny residue of fat-free-ification with gelatin/ starch/ pectin/ Xantham gum. Yes, it is a choice between a rock and a hard place but chemically derived thickeners can have other issues attached to them too. No?

  4. Badi mast linking kari hai. Maine Dell pe click kara toh it opened up bath fittings. And Nissan pe click kiya toh it opened up Nissan Computer Corp instead of Nissan Autos. Good hai. 😛

    And why would you need Toad to run SQL queries when you already have Oracle? Uske saath Oracle SQL Plus* bhi toh hota hai jiske saath you can run SQL queries. I’ve done that all through the last 2 years.

    Kaunsa waala Compaq Presario hai tumhare paas? Waise good hai ki you use Compaq. SRK endorses Compaq, so at least hum dono mein se ek toh hai jo uski sun raha hai. 😛

    Kal I saw these really sexy spectacles from Tag. SRK ne pehne the KANK mein. They’re fairly simple, rimless hain and the sides are of red colour. But bahut sahi lag rahe the. Agar mere paas paise hote aur aankhein kharaab hoti toh pakka khareedta. Saste se hi the, sirf 14k. 😛

  5. I was stunned when I heard that Hindustan Lever & Steel Authority of India touches the lives of every Indian at least once daily (may not be thru direct products)…Brands have penetrated ppl”s lives so much…

  6. Yahoo Mail? Who uses that now? 😛

    Yay! We feel the same way about Microsoft!

    And um, as Ish has already pointed out, some of the linking is off the mark. 😛

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  8. Interesting list… it would look better ( and people could relate instantly ) if you put up the brand logos. If you need help with it then let me know.

  9. @ Nikhil:

    OMG! You’re so quick. I started ‘visiting’ blogs only this morning (From work) 😉 Please bear with me. I’ll pay you a visit soon. Are you still in India btw?

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