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Where is Ruhi?

I went “offline” in the sense that I completely stopped blogging. It’s not that I got bored of it or anything…just had a lot of other stuff lined up and didn’t know how to prioritize. 🙂 Thank you all for reading and commenting. It feels nice to be missed. I’m sorry for not keeping in touch though. I can really disappear if I want/need to.

The WordPress page’s layout has changed- quite a bit. Just noticed it a minute or two ago, when I was trying to log in. I wasn’t even sure if I’ll be able to guess my password at one go. Yes, it’s been that long. I started on this new job about three months back and it’s been an uphill battle to try and wake up by 7 am and be in office by 8 am. I’m proud of the fact that I’m almost always on time. And what is my job related to? IT of course.

My folks came over from India for a couple of weeks. I finally took my long, impending trip to New York City. I so wanted to watch Woody Allen perform at Hotel Carlyle. Lallo, you can be happy now. Good enough reason to visit NYC again. I could write pages and pages about my trip. Unfortunately, I really don’t have the words. Some of the places that I visited- Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, Queens, Soho, Liberty Island and The Status of Liberty, Ellis Island, Empire State Building, Wall St, 5th Avenue (did lots of “window shopping”), ate Brooklyn style pizza in some Italian restaurants, walked by foot and traveled by the famous subways all the time, ate honey roasted almonds, learned how to read the complicated subway map, Trinity Church, Ground Zero (site of WTC) of course. It’s only when you are in Manhattan that you realize how easy it is to fall in love with this city and New Yorkers. Woody Allen, this trip was for you.

Also heard that J.K Rowling is releasing “The Tales of Beedle the Bard” for everyone. I’d already predicted this, in fact. Who’s buying the $100 leather bound version?

I did some movie watching too! My top favorites are The Dark Knight (9.5/10), Turtles Can Fly (9/10), Terminator 2 (9/10), and Omkara (8.5/10). And finally, I bought the entire collection of Decalogue by Krzysztof Kieslowski off Amazon.

Now for some NYC pics-


19 thoughts on “Where is Ruhi?

  1. i blogrolled you and you disappeared! 😦 but am glad you ae back!! i am happy that you had a great time and the samps are cool.. 🙂

    welcome back!

  2. @ Ruhi:

    Waking up (early) isn’t as hard as people think; one can train the mind and then like clockwork, even on weekends! 🙂

    New York (Manhattan and the islands) is fun to visit. I found the people less rude than in London, although the PR would tell you otherwise, just as Paris gets more rain than London but somehow we have the reputation as the pissing-heavens-capital of the world. I take it the Intrepid wasn’t there on the west harbour – you would have loved the Air and Space Museum aboard it!

    Welcome back and hope to hear more soon.

  3. YOU’RE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m so sorry I wasn’t in NYC!! We could’ve gotten drunk together! 😀

    Good to know you remembered your password! And I hope the job’s going well! I shall catch you on gtalk soon! Got loads to talk! Even if you’re busy, please talk to me on gtalk for a bit! 😀

    Cheers!! 🙂

  4. Waking up at 7..ohh damn, I am so sorry for you. 😦

    And first thing you ill do now is…wait lemme see……..yeah, change your blogroll entry from LifeLoveandLogic to Suda. This should be completed by EOL today. (*End Of Lunchtime 😛 )

    Ok Now Welcome Back, we really missed you, and see I mentioned you again 😀 , no one noticed it though 😛


  5. Good to have you back Ruhi. I kind of had a feeling you would not disappear forever…the blogosphere (and us!) were beckoning! It’s great to have you back, I even send you a mail, to tell you that you were getting spam.
    It’s good to hear you are finally settling in to that new job. I hope you blog at least once a week!
    Those pictures I would have loved to see in a slide show! I could imagine you going from one place to another.

  6. cool…. you are back !!!!!
    Great photos !!!.

    welcome back !!!

    Getting up at 7 wouldn’t be a problem if you sleep early.
    I sleep at around midnight everyday and get up at 7…
    …errr ..8AM 🙂

  7. Welcome back! I had read few of ur posts and commented and blog rolled only to know U have disappeared. But now i can follow ur regular posts. 🙂

  8. lallopallo says:

    Oh, so you are still alive? was woody allen? great pictures and dont disappear now..blogosphere had gone out of control without need to put some order back

  9. seems like you were having a great time out there…
    i shld tell you that, this was a neat ‘break’ from your side…
    you really made us to miss you… 🙂

  10. Anand- Yeah even I don’t have an answer to that question anymore 😐 I couldn’t make time to complete any book! I’m reading “A Suitable Boy” by Vikram Seth right now. What about you?

    Nova- Thanks! I had a lot of fun. 🙂

    Sakhi- So sorry about that! 🙂 I think I’m back for at least 6 months now. I look forward to reading your blog.

    Dinu- Stop romancing with iPod and you’ll be on time. 😉 You can make a gallery by going to Media and adding pics and then choosing “Add this Gallery to your post” or something like that. I don’t remember the exact steps though.

    Shefaly- My body clocks wakes me up at 5:56 am exact. Then I fall asleep again. 😉 I would have loved to visit some museums, but couldn’t fit it in my short schedule. I did visit Guggenheim and the NY Art Museum. Very cool. 🙂

    Nikhil- I don’t know where you are man! When are you coming back to the US? Have you shifted base to Bangalore permanently? 😦 We really need to get drunk together. Job and stuff’s going fine. Just too hectic though. I don’t get much time to do anything. And chatting on Gtalk is a distant dream…ZzzZZz.

    Suda- Thanks for the warm welcome. 🙂 Waking up is indeed a chore for someone like me, who doesn’t sleep on time EVER.

    Nita- I read your email only yesterday, but thank you for emailing me 🙂 I had stopped checking all my emails during this time too, funnily. My theory is- Since I won’t be replying, it’s better not to even read them. Sounds weird, I know. Slideshow would have been a better option for sure. I put them up this way because I wanted to try out this gallery feature.

    Xylene- Thanks 🙂 I guess I’ll improve with age on the waking up part. I’ll soon grow old and need less sleep. 😉

    Arvind-I’ll try my best 🙂 It’s difficult with all the cooking and cleaning 😦

    Reema- Yes, I remember 🙂 I’m sorry- will try to be more regular for sure.

    Lallo- Nobody is out of control. Talk about yourself. 😉 Is everything OK with you?

    Arjun- Thanks mate. Glad to know that you missed me. I’ve been disappearing too often since the start of this year. I need to get regular now. 🙂

  11. Welcome back!!!!! 😀
    Well!!! What a coincidence. Even my alarm is set at 5.55. Its another story that I reach office at 9.30. 😛
    It was really hard for me to get up so early but your body get used to it after some time.
    And You seem to have loads of fun in NY. Such trips are always a welcome change during such hectic job. The city looks quite damp in the pics. Was it raining?
    And I didn’t know that they have waterfalls there and they have created statue of Liberty horizontally. In TV they always show it vertical. 😛 😛

  12. Welcome back, Ruhi!

    I agree with your rating on Dark Knight and Omkara. I understand how its like in a job. I too hate to get up early for job, but have to. 😦 Seems like you had great fun at New York with your parents :mrgreen:

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