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Happy Independence Day

(Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera- Swades)

Happy Independence Day! 🙂

I was with my friends last night, listening to some patriotic songs for a change. And it felt very good. This one friend of mine has a huge flag of India in his living room- quite a change from other desi houses that I visit, where people love putting up an American flag. And yeah, one of my friends started singing Star Spangled Banner. 😐 A colleague in the office proposed the idea of wearing Indian attire today, but I wasn’t too enthusiastic. The last time I wore Indian to a Bhangra party, I felt over dressed in front of others who had worn jeans and tees. The Americans made an effort and did put on colorful salwar kameezes and sexy saris.

My top five Favorite Patriotic songs:

1. Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera
2. Aaao Bachcho Tumhe Sikhaye
3. Nanha Munha Rahi Hoon
4. Vande Mataram (AR Rehman)
5. Mera Rang De Basanti Chola (The Legend of Bhagat Singh)

Which are your top five favorites?


18 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day

  1. Happy Independence Day to you too. 😀
    This song was very good. I don’t know if you have seen it or not but there is a version of Jana Gana Mana in which we have a few very good singers singing the National Anthem. It came around 15 August last year. It was really good and makes you feel proud. 🙂
    I could not go anywhere today because I was asked to stay at home. Delhi was at high alert today.

  2. Ruhi:

    I realised I did not know songs 1 and 4 at all. Hmm. I prefer Lata’s version of Vande Mataram and anything that does not bring memories of Manoj Kumar’s awful acting (?) skills…

  3. swades, was one true patriotic movie…
    and the song is a gem…

    by the way, heard ARR has released a new patriotic (if i remember correctly) album with some 38 sons in it…haven’t laid my hands on till now…but it must be great…

  4. Dinu- Yeah 🙂 I miss India always. Nothing new about it! That’s probably why I love this song.

    Amit- NO, I haven’t heard that song. Will search on Youtube. Thanks for telling me. Sorry to hear that Dlhi was on high alert. Is this related to those bombings in Bangalore?

    Shefaly- Haha…I don’t think I have watched any Manoj Kumar movies. But yeah, some of his songs are enough to keep me away!

    Manasa- I think I know which song you’re talking about, though I don’t remember it clearly.

    Reema- I’m afraid my knowledge of old Hindi movies sucks… 😦

    Nita, Anand, Arvind- Thanks. Vande Mataram seems to be a hawt favorite with everyone.

    Arjun- Oh really? Do you mind telling me the album name? I’ll try to search for it online.

    Balu- I hate forwarded emails so much. I never open them! Will read that post. Thanks for the link.

    Nikhil- Oh yeah! I totally forgot about Mile Sur Mera Tumhara 🙂 Lovely song.

  5. How can u forget Mile Sure Mera Tumhara? 😦
    Happy 62nd Year of Independence. 🙂

    P.S> Hmmm, I still see my name is not there on Blogroll 😦 Can’t a little boy ask for something and someone happily give him? 😦

    BTW have you read this?

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