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Review: Bachna Ae Haseeno

I loved this movie because I’d gone with zero expectations and only wanted to watch Ranbir Kapoor. And boy, was he hawt! 🙂 Couldn’t have asked for a better Independence Day gift. The movie as such doesn’t make sense. It’s a fun ride and watch it only if you can leave your brains behind. You’ll see Ranbir romancing with three women at different points in his life. It’s only after Deepika dumps him that he realizes how bad he’s been to his previous girlfriends- spoke ill about one, and left one at the marriage alter. Next, he goes back and tries to ask for their forgiveness. Soon, Deepika falls in love with him and everything is hunky dory.

Minisha Lamba’s acting needs a lot of improvement. She over-act almost everywhere, and for some reason, looks too old. But her character was really interesting- a girl who loves the movie DDLJ (like me) and has watched it 17 times! (Like me, again!). So she’s on this Eurorail tour and hopes to find her “Raj” and picturizes everything from DDLJ-Raj-Simran type angle.

Bipasha Basu looks sizzling! She plays the part of an upcoming model to the hilt and we couldn’t have asked for more. Deepika Padukone looks so pretty. I can’t believe that she’s only 22. 😐 She plays the role of a simple Indian girl who works as a cab driver during night time and as a cashier at a grocery store during day time to pay off her B-school tuition. She’s independent. And she doesn’t want to get married! In almost all the scenes, I really feel that she’s done a better job compared to Ranbir. 🙂

Ranbir with his chocolate boy look is simply adorable. It’s so difficult to not like him. He has done an amazing job in almost all the scenes, especially the title track “Bachna Ae Haseenon” that’s played during the name casting of the movie.

It’s a fun movie that can be watched for plain time pass. Don’t expect anything else! Oh, and I can’t stop listening to “Khuda Jaane”.

Rating: 5.5/10 +1 bonus just for Ranbir (eye candy) 😉


28 thoughts on “Review: Bachna Ae Haseeno

  1. lallopallo says:

    You watched this one? Now, I know why I was unable to get tickets for this seemingly not so much in demand movie.It seems much more people wanted to watch this one than I had anticipated. For the first time since last many many years, I wanted to watch a movie just for the sake of an actress ( Deepika in this case). I took few hours yesterday to watch this one, but for the first time since Iam living in Montreal, I could not get tickets for a Hindi movie. The tickets were sold out 5-10 minutes before the show and we reached the AMC ,as usual, just when the show was supposed to start. Few seats in the front row were available but I dont love Deepika that much yet to sit in a front row and watch a hindi movie for three hours.
    Iam not sure if I will get time now to watch it..perhaps will watch later on dvd or online..btw, how long was deepika’s role in the movie?
    Iam glad you had some nice time..

  2. Lallo, I bought my ticket in advance anf for the first time here, reach the theater 30 mins early because I knew that I wouldn’t get good seats otherwise. I did spot some empty seats. So the crowd wasn’t that big here. Deepika’s role is not that big. I think Bipasha’s is the longest. And yeah, it’s fun stuff. 🙂 Don’t miss it!

  3. Doesn’t it sound a teeny bit inspired by ‘My name is Earl’. (No, I don’t expect you to have watched that silly series; I haven’t either but I know the concept from the ads on TV)

  4. Ranbir is a very handsome guy but I think in the acting department he needs to learn a few things. But at the same time he is not a bad actor, he is still new and I think will keep improving. You are right, it’s difficult not to like him.
    So you loved DDLJ huh. So did I, and my favourite song in that movie is Mehendi laga ke. I liked KKHH better though but DDLJ is second, except for that violent scene at the end. And er, I cannot help asking whether you found your Raj. 😛

  5. I thot Minissha looks cute…but tht’s abt it…DOn’t lik Deepika & Bipasha, Ranbir being hot doesn’t matter and the movie review per se isn’t tht gr8…so in all, an avoidable movie.

    But on a more serious note, I think the concept is really good (I related it to “When Harry met Sally” – because that movie also examines a relationship over a period of time; I know most people say HumTum is more HarrySally, but I tend to disagree).

    We all meet so many people over years – we remember some, we forget many. May be that needs to be explored – when do we start remembering people and when do we forget?

    And I personally feel, it is between 15 – 30 years of age when you meet new people mostly…

  6. And interestingly, Ranbir’s & Deepika’s names are seperated by Bipasha & Minissha in the poster you have used on the blog – this is keeping in line with the real life rumours?

  7. My house turned into a circus on Rakhi. All my cousin sisters with their children landed in my house and everything turned upside down. 🙂 It was so exhausting!!!! But yes, these are the only few occasions when you like being together are celebrate such festivals.

  8. Sorry please delete the above comment. Mishhhhhtake! 😦

    This is the original one –
    Is it another “leave your brain behind” movie????? If I have to leave my brain SO many times behind, then I am sure I would forget to take it with me one day when I would be truly needing it. 😉 I saw Singh is Kinng and it was “Lock your brain in the safe” movie. Bahut buri thi. 😦 I am planning to watch BAH with family. Main unko bahut time se flop movies dikha raha hoon. 🙂

  9. Hey…

    Please welcome me back to your blog… I’ve been away for a while now… Lot’s been happening… I’ve moved to Mumbai.. Check out my blog.. 🙂

    As for watching movies with ZERO expectations is concerned, yes, I recently saw Singh is Kinng with ZERO expectations… and I wasn’t disapointed either! :mrgreen:

  10. heyhey ruhi long time how are you??? good to see you’ve moved on to and your domain!!

    i was thinking of doing the same. Any tips for that??


  11. Ah!! despite 2.5 lakh visitors i took the plunge and have migrated to from!! feels really free and good. lets see how it goes!! 😀 oh btw my new address is

  12. oh god, i hated it. but i guess to each their own innit. :)) just wrote a scathing ‘review’ yesterday … dunno if it can be termed as a review heh. hated it hated it hated it!

  13. I love watching all these new movies because I have zero expectations. I just go because I have not watched the original Hollywood flick. In some cases (‘Shaurya’) I go to watch how exactly they have copy-pasted the original (“A Few Good Men”).

  14. Ah, the parents did go and see this one. They said it was okay. They weren’t too enthusiastic or maybe it’s just that they were sleepy cause they had watched the night waala show. Why didn’t I go? I think that was because I was majorly pissed off with some teacher that day and had an assignment to do. I don’t remember clearly. But anyway, college is okay now. I’m looking forward to participating in one of the events they keep having. Sadly they’re having all the ones I’m bad at. First it was a handwriting competition. Then mimicry and now Geography. Bleh, no fair.

    Anyway, what’s been going on without you? And sorry for vanishing abruptly yesterday. The connection screwed up. Did you stay for long after that?

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