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Happy Diwali to anyone who’s reading/staring-gazing at this post/blog! Look around you and you’ll see how privileged you are to be surrounded by the people who love you. If you are reading this post, chances are that you have a computer or that you can at least afford to pay some money in a cyber cafe. So many in India don’t even have enough money for two square meals. Make sure you share some of those sweets with a kid who is less privileged. Maybe even buy a new dress for that lady who cleans your dirty dishes/house everyday. Spread the love and the joy! 🙂 Not just today, but everyday. And don’t burst those crackers and pollute the environment and indirectly contribute to child labor. It’s disheartening to see pet dogs, cats etc. suffer because of the selfish interest of some others. Use that money to buy a book for someone. Or just donate it to charity. Sorry if I sound preachy!

Oh, by the way, it’s getting really cold here and this is what I saw on the windshield of my car after I turned on the de-frost:

The ice started melting in the form of a hat! Didn’t really have time for this because I was running late for work. Freebies of life, if you will.


17 thoughts on “Diwali

  1. Hi Ruhii, You”d be happy to know that the awareness is spreading. I know several who have stopped bursting crackers and others who have redced the quantity.

    Sharing has been an inherent part of Indian Culture – you make good snakcs at home and then go visiting neighbors / relatives / friends and share your stuff with them and get some from them for yourself – but I doubt it would turn into charity any time sooner.

    Primarily because there are loads of money eating sharks roaming around in India that take your money in the name of charity but utilize it elsewhere. In fact, even people who were donating earlier, have tightened their purse strings big time now. Not to mention the liquidity crisis.

    But reasons apart, your recommendation is very true – a pair of Levi”s would cost 2000 bucks and a M&S Tee another 1000. One can actually buy 30 child dresses on the pavement for the same amount.

  2. Raman, nice to know that people are consciously cutting down on fireworks. It’s just the way this society works- they have this ingrained in our brains that whoever spends more on fireworks is richer-bigger-better-whatever.

    I wonder if not being able to turn to charity has something to do with the class/caste system. Might be in our subconscious.

    But reasons apart, your recommendation is very true – a pair of Levi’’s would cost 2000 bucks and a M&S Tee another 1000. One can actually buy 30 child dresses on the pavement for the same amount.

    Oh yes! I know all about this. I remember my mom feeding hundreds of homeless people about 3 years back and all it took was a couple of thousand rupees. How many of us can actually skip that movie in the multiplex and donate the money instead? Very few.

  3. Ruhi, good to see you here. Hope you had a great Diwali. Hows your work going?

    We had a quietest possible Diwali (owing to bomb scares, market crash and pink slips) in Delhi. There were not many crackers in the market, yet of D-day there were many bursting, though v less compared to other years. I was thinking of writing a post on reasons why we should celebreate Diwali. As usual cound do it, but was happy to see a cheer from you. 🙂

  4. Poonam, Hey!! It’s been long. Happy Diwali to you too 🙂 I actually went to your blog expecting to see a social message regarding Diwali. I did see the LONG post with awards! You seem to have quite a winner there.

    The atmosphere is generally quiet here too. I’m not talking about Diwali specifically. It has to do with the general state of the economy. Not much shopping etc. People do a lot of window shopping, but actual spending of $$$ seems to have reduced. The stock market’s crashing everyday 😦

    Here’s hoping to a better year 🙂

  5. Yes, I agree, I don’t really spend much on celebrations .. and yea, there are little things that I am doing, ( I can’t call it charity though, really small things )

  6. Hi Ruhi, I hope you had a great Diwali! 😀

    Yes, it’s true that we don’t really thing of the needy during these times of joy, but I know people who do distribute clothes & things. 🙂

    PS. I’ve also posted on Diwali – it’s here.

  7. happy diwali ..and welcome back 🙂
    I gave about 10 pairs of dresses whihc were in [perfect condition but short for me to a nearby charitable trust feels so nice ..
    and i dint add to the pollution too 😛

  8. Dinu- Whatever it may be, it can never be ‘small’. 🙂

    Sayee- Nice to see you blogging too 🙂 Hope you write some more.

    Xylene- For starters, you can donate to me. 😉

    Nova- Thanks and hope you have a rockin’ year ahead too. 🙂 I like your “betty” avatar 🙂

    Carrot- Diwali was OK! Nothing like what it is in India. 🙂

    Arvind- That’s great! We actually have another charity work going on at our work place where we are donating food cans for less privileged people…Thanksgiving and Christmas is just around the corner. 🙂

  9. Happy Diwali….. (belated 😀 )
    So her Ruhiiiness returns to empire of bloggapur 😀

    (You know, this year, I bought crackers only 1/4th of previous year and also convinced at least 3-4 people against the air-noise polluting fireworks 🙂 I am a good boy it seems)
    And shhhhhhh I am supposed to be on vacation away from WP, so don’t tell anyone I was here 😛 😀

  10. Reema- I did, thanks 🙂 As wonderful as I can manage to make it in a far away land. I’m looking forward to your post RE: Visakhapatnam trip. Are you from Calcutta by any chance?

    Suda- For sometime, I guess 🙂 I don’t know…I keep vanishing! Thanks for reducing the air pollution! We need more volunteers like you and your friends! Vacation from WP when I’m back? Oh come on! You gotta get back. 😛

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