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On 2008 Presidential Elections

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Diwali doesn’t feel like Diwali over here. No diyas. No rangoli. No relatives/neighors visiting. No top to bottom house cleaning. No all-day-long cooking. My only option was to go to a temple, which I did, relunctantly. I checked out the website of the mandir and it said that we need to park our cars at Queeny Park and then take a shuttle to the temple. It was quite cold- around 25F and it’s only October! I didn’t really want to park my car in a park (no puns intended). Since I’d dressed up for the occassion rather painstakingly- donned my new churidar and some make up- I decided to go to the mandir anyway. On my way, I passed through some really rich neighborhoods- houses that will probably cost you millions in California etc. Anyway, more than the display of wealth, the placards that were put outside their lawns/common drives were more interesting. Americans take great pride in their political affiliations and love to publicly display it! Phrases like “I’m a Republican through and through”, “Democrats are the way to go!” are very common. Most of these placards read- no, not Obama-Biden- but McCain Palin! Why? Maybe it has to do with the fact that I live in Missouri where Republicans are generally favored. People are conservative here. Almost all pubs/nightclubs close by 2 am max. Most families go to some or the other Church on Sundays. Lots of Catholics too. Yet again, it might be that these were placards that were planted by rich people. You must have heard Obama telling you- If you earn less than half a million USD every year, you are safe. You won’t see any difference in taxes. If you earn more than that, you’ll see your taxes increase a bit. If you are in the top 5% of the American economy $$$-wise…then you are f@$ked. Okay, he didn’t use this word, but you know what I mean. Chances are that these people probably earn more than half a million USD per year and are against Democrats. Well…why not? If this widely-believed-to-be-Muslim-guy-half-Black-half-white is gonna increase my taxes, why should be get my vote? I like the Beauty and the Beast combo. I like to hear words like “maverick” thrown at me. Drill baby drill!

I waste/spend at least three hours everyday, listening to political analysts on CNN- debating Obama-McCain campaign, how Palin spent $150,000 on her clothes, how she spent $20,000 on her family’s travel, how McCain will lick the asses of the wealthiest people, how he voted for almost 90% of Bush’s policies, how Obama might have something to do with that terrorist Ayers, how Michelle Obama’s dance moves are better than Obama’s, how Obama celebrated his daughter Malia’s 10th birthday in a small hotel room, how he rose from poverty, went to Harvard, took two days off during elections to be with his grandmom, doesn’t have enough experience, Palin is just a beauty queen who can see Russia from her living room window, that she’s been picked by McCain only because she’s pro-choice and because a common American can associate with her condition, with the fact that her youngest child is special, and that her 17 year old daughter Bristol is pregnant and is doing the “right thing” by marrying the boy’s father, who also happens to have a fun MySpace page where he proclaims to be a redneck and says “I don’t want kids!”, who’s name is Levi Johnston and is too scared of his future mom-in-law-maybe-future-VP-or Presi- and gives those horrendous smiles on camera only because she’s holding a gun to his balls and who secretly wishes for her to lose the elections so that he can go home and forget about his goddam marriage, how McCain’s wife is way too pretty and never speaks on camera…Wait a minute! I can go on and on. Does this even matter to me? I can’t even vote here. Haha. When it’s time for US Elections, the entire world watches. Manmohan Singh rushes to get the nuclear deal done before Bush goes away! Who knows what the next President might want?

Obama, in his third Presidential election speech, made a strong case against outsourcing, against Honda, Toyota, Nissan and other German cars that have stolen American consumers, how the American auto companies like Ford and GM are suffering not because of their own wrong-doing, but because of the fact that the Japanese raced ahead! “Let’s get those jobs back to our country…let us buy American!” Where’s free trade gonna go? Even though I like Obama otherwise, this was the part that bothered me quite a bit. As a future President, talks about being proud of America and everything American will always be appreciated, but talks about tarnishing the image of other countries and their goods? Not so much. What happens to the political relations between two countries in such a case? We know what US does with its secret dog, United Kingdom! 🙂

Where is Bush these days? American media has forgotten all about him. No one wants to have anything to do with him anymore. How much worse can it get? The country’s bleeding anyway.

Obama-madness reminds me of the love/respect that this country has/had for John F. Kennedy Jr. Obama might actually be the precise medicine that the doctor prescribed, if not for his experience, then for his sheer charisma and for the breath of fresh air that he brings along. Maybe it’s high time that someone who’s not completely white gets to stay in White House.

I generally don’t care too much about politics, but you need to be here to really feel the fever that’s swept over the entire nation. Fourth of November is next in importance only to Fourth of July this year. ‘Joe the plumber’ might actually stop his plumbing and become a small businessman after all.

I see pictures of Michelle Obama being re-blogged in Tumblr again and again… a simple picture, where she smiles and talks over the phone. But the love that people re-blog it with is nauseating. If not for the leadership that this country needs, then for the mental health of these people, I hope Obama wins this race! She made it a point to wear only a J.Crew dress to the talk show hosted by Jay Leno. She also just “let it slip” that she finds good deals online. Very clever. Extremely subtle. Just where it hurts the most.

And the madness at CNN/FOX news continues. People fight at Larry King Show. They talk their hearts and lungs out when Anderson Cooper asks them a question. Bimbos support bimbos. Smart asses support smart asses. You cannot be independent on these shows, else noone’s interested.


21 thoughts on “On 2008 Presidential Elections

  1. Did Obama mentioned that Ford and GM are producing cars which are much below the standards set in various countries like China and Japan?
    Ford and GM fall short of all the standards and because of which America can’t sell cars in China and Europe. What a shame!

  2. “Bimbos support bimbos. Smart asses support smart asses.” That’s a brilliant way to describe political punditry. You are right, the mayhem is massive. The best place to get some real perspective now is on Comedy Central, from Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. I think that CNN is trying to be as neutral as possible, but they do lean a bit to the left. However, its far better than NBC and FOX.

  3. Dinu- Really? 🙂 That’s what’s Sarah Palin’s new marketing punch line. When McCain was asked if he really think that Obama is a socialist, he actually said, no. So what if he is a socialist? 🙂 Nothing bad about it!

    Arvind- You’re not alone 🙂 not many of us know anyway!

    Amit- Well, not that I remember. 🙂 Of course he was touting America and American products! Geez, I sound so anti-American now. I’m just trying to be just here though. Actually, it’s the same thing with outsourcing. It’s all about global competition. If some worker in an under developed nation can do the same work for 1/4th the cost, then why not? Companies are in this to make money! This is a capitalist country! What’s wrong with taking up measures that increases shareholder value? Isn’t that what a company is supposed to do anyway? 🙂

    Bappie- I haven’t gotten around to watching much of Comedy Central, except on a couple of occasions. I do like Jon Stewart though. How’s the election fever in MD? You are closer to Washington 🙂

  4. Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!

    Happy Diwali! 😀

  5. @ Ruhi

    hmm, nothing bad about being socialist, ( bad only is when you become a communist, in my Economics way of looking at things lol )

    but, I don’t think socialism in any degree will be accepted there, but if it is, then its a big deal !!

  6. Welcome back!! Indians living abroad must be missing homeland on such festive occasions,no? I just hope the financial crisis of the world ends after the US elections.

  7. @Ruhi: The election scene in DC/MD hasn’t really stood out for me. But then again, the media keeps telling me that its all very exciting n stuff. I just don’t get it. I was wondering – we are living through a very important point in history, but how come it doesnt feel like it? This election is momentous, you could compare it to JFK’s election, or the Vietnam war protests, or the fall of the Berlin wall. But it just feels like any other day.

  8. i feel the US elections is a much hyped about hoopla! and why shouldnt it be after all its all about the worlds biggest power……but i too would go with you ! my hands are up for obama …i read in an article where he had been compared to abraham lincoln! finally if he wins i am sure this man is going to bring US back on the right track

  9. Nikhil- Thanks 🙂 Happy Diwali to you too. CTRL+C, CTRL+V worked really well!

    Dinu- Well Socialism and Capitalism are two poles. 🙂 Communism is the biggest evil in this country, me thinks.

    Reema- Don’t know about others, but I do miss home quite a bit. 🙂 I’m hoping that the dust settles post- elections too! It’s just this weekend and then Monday is the big day. 😀 We actually received an email at work asking all eligible people to take some time out and go vote.

    Baphie- Not sure why I don’t feel any different. Maybe it’s because this country doesn’t feel like mine yet. I do, however, agree that I’ve never seen so many people crazy about just one, ordinary guy- Obama. This madness reminds me of the JFK Jr. era and everything else that went with it. I hope Obama is spared his life though.

    Lemon- Well thank you 🙂 This is my first post about politics, actually. I’ve never felt so strongly about politics.

    Arpit- It’s much talked about because of a reason. US has undergone a lot of abuse in the past 8 years! This will change the destiny of this country as well the destinies of many others! McCain comes to power and we’ll see different permutations/combinations of the same old deal. If Obama comes to power, we can hope to see something different. At least that’s what he’s making us believe.

  10. Okay, the first step of socialism is, re-distribution of resources, or wealth, right ? and that’s what every tax does, technically, just that Obama concentrating too much on it, and getting in to trouble 🙂

  11. No worries. You are not missing out on much of the festival of lights back home.Something is missing – is it the advent of the winter chill or looking forward to the sweets and crackers or both – dunno!!

  12. A few intelligent magazine articles had got me convinced that the effect of both Obama and McCain on the world,particularly the 3rd world nations, would be practically all the same…
    Even though Obama seems to be having more support worldwide,I feel that he wouldn’t be having anything more to offer than what Mr. McCain does, especially for a country like India. Which makes me feel like ‘not to give a damn’ about this entire American political frenzy!

    The greatest relief, however is that Bush is now being replaced!!

  13. whether you are back for good or not I don’t know but even if you’ve just dropped in, cool! and hey i know exactly what you must be feeling, spending diwali away from home. here its so noisy and crazy one wants to get away from it all! and there you are, you have all the silence and you miss this! next diwali you should be here then and hope you spend more time blogging rather than watching obama!

  14. Rambodoc- Thanks for reading. Maybe you are right and nothing will change, but there is no harm in “hoping”. 🙂

    Dinu- Every tax does that? How? I’m not sure if I understood your explanation.

    Fibinse- The chill it is. 🙂 Advent of global warming, I would say.

    Arjun- You are absolutely correct. The direct effects might actually not be very different, but from what I know, Obama will probably reduce the outsourcing and H1-B. Haven’t heard anything of that sort from McCain. The indirect consequences might be much greater though- India’s strategic position against Pakistan and China, potential war allies etc.

    Nita- Thanks for stopping by! Sometimes, I crave for the noise 🙂 I’m actually enjoying this Presidential debate and the news coverage. I have a feeling that I can reflect back on this a couple of decades down the line and tell people “I was there!”.

  15. sumasubramaniam says:


    This is by far one of the best blog posts I’ve read about the Presidential Elections.

    Its entertaining and articulate.

    Suma Subramaniam

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