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I watched three great movies in the past week- The Prestige, The Silence of the Lambs and Changeling.

1. The Prestige– I like movies that deal with illusions, magic, wizardry etc. This movie stars Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman and Michael Cane primarily. Another masterpiece by Christopher Nolan. I don’t know how I managed to miss it the first time around. If you haven’t seen it, then you’re really missing something here! The movie is based on two magicians and how they become professional rivals- how one is naturally gifted (Christian Bale as Borden) and how the other one (Hugh Jackman as Robert Angier) will do anything to triumph and in the process, lose almost everything. It’s refreshing to see Christian Bale in a role other than that of Batman. He’s such a wonderful actor. Click here for the plot summary from Wikipedia. 

Rating: 9.5/10

2. The Silence of the Lambs– I wanted to watch this one since such a long long time. It was almost embarrassing! I managed to get the DVD from a local Walmart store. The story revolves around two serial killers and an FBI agent (Jodie Foster) who is a student in the FBI academy and it trying to complete her assignment of convicting one serial killer with the help of the other (Anthony Hopkins). The movie won lots of Academy Awards, including Best Actor (Hopkins), Best Actress (Foster), Best Director (Jonathan Demme) and Best Picture (Edward Saxon). It has also been rated as one of the Most Scariest Movies of All Times. Click here for the plot summary from Wikipedia. 

Rating: 9/10

3. Changeling– Clint Eastwood’s new flick and was released in the US on Oct 31st, 2008. I saw it in the theater today. Stars Angelina Jolie, John Malkovich among others. It’s based on the true story of one Christine Collins and her struggle to find her missing boy. The director, with great expertise, reveals the bureaucracy that was prevalent in the Los Angeles Police Department and the State Asylum. This movie had also created a lot of interest at the Cannes Festival this year. I’m not really a fan of Angelina Jolie, but she’s done a fabulous job in this movie. I remember seeing her in “A Mighty Heart” and almost cringing. I have a feeling that this movie will be nominated for lots of Oscars and will probably win some too. This is just the type of movie that the Academy Awards jury likes. The plot and the general atmosphere of the movie is extremely dark and depressing. So if you indulge in movie watching only for light entertainment, then I would advise you against watching this. The main plot of the story sticks to the real story almost everywhere, except for a couple of dates here and there. I don’t want to reveal the plot and spoil the fun. But please go watch it if you are a Clint Eastwood/Angelina Jolie fan. Click here for more details from Wikipedia. 

Rating: 9/10

I have no idea why Quantum of Solace is releasing only next week in the United States! I can’t wait to watch that and Milk– a movie that deals with Gay Rights…especially after Proposition 8 got passed in California.


10 thoughts on “Movie Talks

  1. These days, I have noticed, you are watching movies only with rating 9 and above!!! Or you are rating Only 9 and above? Or may be you are under imperious curse and being controlled by you-no-poo ??

  2. The prestige….hmm… happy that you loved it…may be you should check out more from Nolan….like memento or following…because i thought that prestige was nothing compared to most of the other Nolan brother movies….

    then again…illusionist or the prestige? 🙂

    Silence of the lambs…what a movie….what a cast…that one look from Hannibal
    Lecter is all what it takes…and Jodie foster…It’s such a treat to watch all these guys together on the screen….a gem of a movie….!

    so, challenging is getting good reviews everywhere….good….will have to see it….

  3. I like Michael Caine. Have u seen Noises off? Do watch it! I havent seen SOL yet as I avoid horror movies to avoid nightmares 😀
    I’ll watch Prestige. I like Hugh Jackman too.

  4. ruhi….i haven’t seen changeling…but the rest two are friggin’ awesome…the prestige is a class movie…you like christian bale…watch “rescue dawn” and “3:10 to yuma” if u haven’t seen them already…i liked the both a lot…

    and about “silence of the lambs”….i just love antony hopkins…SOL is a movie which really shook me…..

  5. @ Ruhi

    SOTL is one of the few DVDs I possess and I have watched it again and again. I dislike horror films but the real life horror that some people can be intrigues me. Anthony Hopkins is fabulous and it is hard to dislike him even when he is a coldly cruel person here. My favourite scene is when he is sitting in his cage, having attacked and gouged the faces of the guards and conducting the music with a pencil in his hand. It is marvellously brutal.

    ‘Changeling’ is a matter of curiosity for me. I am with you on Ms Jolie and the story is similar to a child that went missing here and it is not known what happened to her. When she went missing, Gone Baby Gone’s release was delayed for fear of being insensitive. I am hesitant but your review suggests it is worth a chance. So I may take it.

  6. Suda- I think it’s you-know-poo. On a more serious note, I’m being picky and watching only really good movies. Also, I tend to blog about movies that I like, instead of blogging about movies that I don’t like.

    Arjun- Yes, I should check out other Nolan movies too. It’s difficult to choose between The Illusionist and The Prestige. The latter is fresh in my mind, while The Illusionist is not. I’ll need to watch it again to answer your question. SOL- I wanna watch the prequel and the sequel too. 🙂 And don’t miss Changeling! It’s quite good.

    Nita- Even I’ve heard that Quantum is nothing great (Shefaly’s post says the same thing). But people didn’t like Casino Royale either. I guess I’ll just watch it with low expectations. 🙂

    Xylene- Indeed, yes. 🙂

    Reema- Haven’t watched Noises Off. 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation.

    Rohan- Seen both. 🙂 I was a little surprised when his mom and sister filed that assault case against him. Clearly prefer the actor over the real person.

    Shefaly- Even I’m not really a DVD collector- started very recently and only buy the very best. I’m happy that I bought this one. Apart from the scene that you mentioned, I even like the first scene between Hopkins and Foster where he goes on to describe in detail her perfume, body lotion and shampoo. It was quite clear who’s in charge!

    RE: Changeling- I was quite hesitant about watching this one too. If it were not for Clint Eastwood, I wouldn’t have watched it. I didn’t like Jolie in the first scene (if you watch it, you’ll know what I’m talking about). Even otherwise, she looks quite old, thin and pale. Maybe that’s what the role demanded and if I’m not mistaken, the shooting of the movie coincided with her period of mourning for her mother. Whatever it may be, I didn’t like the way she looked for sure.

  7. I have only seen SOTL. The rest, if you say are good, they they shall be seen!! 🙂
    I have read SOTL before I watched it. It is one of those rare movies which have done justice to the books.

  8. @ Ruhi,

    Firstly how have you been doing…been ages since i visited this space on the internet. 😀

    The Prestige is a really great movie, importantly because
    a)Hugh Jackman – a really good showman
    b)Christian Bale – the variety of the actor is great treat to watch
    c) Nolan’s Direction- love the pace and intertwined nature of the plot.

    If you happen to love The Prestige… i recommend you watch The Illusionist – similar magiccian wala plot…
    but superb plot..u’ll thank me for it.

    Rating a cut above the prestige. oh yes…something like 9.8 😀

    I differ a bit on Jackman’s character [ Angier] portrayal though, the character is a brilliant showman, though not as talented as Borden,but his zeal to prove himself takes its toll on him.

    You can also appreciate the rivalry between Tesla and Edison which is impressing, [ bulbs glowing without wires wala scene].

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