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Pseudo Painting and Happy Birthday Ish!

Because it’s Ish‘s birthday, I’ve decided to grant him his Birthday wish: That I should tag up this meme in his honor 😉 Okay, just joking. But please go and leave a comment on his blog and wish the cute guy 😛

So, here’s the tag: The person who tags you gives you five different words and you have to make five pictures based on those words using MS-Paint only. After doing the tag, you have to tag 5 other people and give them 5 words for their pictures.

The five words that Ish chose for me were-

  • An iPhone
  • The Apple Logo
  • The Windows Logo
  • A teddy bear
  • Cricket

Ermm…so I broke the rules a bit. First off, I used MS Paint for only drawing my iPhone. How ironical is that? Drawing an Apple product using a Windows application! And the next three (Apple logo, Windows Logo 😡 and Teddy bear) have been hand drawn and scanned. Cricket- Well, I give up! WTF do I draw for that? Yeah a bat and a ball…

1. iPhone- Proud owner of an iPhone 3G and the picture below actually shows the first page of my iPhone!






2. The Apple Logo-

Apple Logo

Apple Logo

3. Windows Logo- Ish did this just to piss me off, of course. I’ve been nice enough to hand draw this just because it is his birthday. 😉 Anyone who’s been my blog friend long enough knows about my hatred for Microsoft and its products.

Windows Logo

Windows Logo

4. A Teddy Bear- Okay, I kinda did a horrible job on this one. I spent more than 30 mins trying to make this look like a teddy bear: the hand look’s weird and the body and the head are completely out of proportion. Yeah, it looks kinda demented.  😐

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear

5. Cricket- Don’t know what to draw. I skipped this one. Sorry! 😦 Here’s a birthday cake instead:

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

And now, I get to pass on the burden to five more people-

Arvind, Kiran, Suda, Lallopallo and Kalafudra. Please feel to draw anything you want! I’m too lazy to list them 😛


14 thoughts on “Pseudo Painting and Happy Birthday Ish!

  1. Ash- I’ve still used MS Paint 😛 That’s what matters. Ish didn’t say that we are not supposed to copy-paste. The outer boundaries are originals 😉 Who cares for MS Paint anyway! MICROSOFT SUCKS.

  2. LOL, and I was gonna congratulate you on the brilliant job you’d done with the iPhone! Obviously you weren’t supposed to copy paste! You were supposed to draw sir, draw! 😛

    Neat job with the Windows logo, I must confess. Looks better than the Apple logo. 😛

    And the teddy bear is so cool too! Who cares about proportions anyway eh? It’s very cool.

    And finally, thanks for wasting your time doing this tag, thanks for this post, all the publicity and thanks for that text and trying to call me! Love you! 😛

  3. lallopallo says:

    Ruhi, you very well know my pathetic IT skills and still tagging me to do something with MS paint? Nice picture you made btw..

  4. Reema- Errmm..okay. No problem 🙂

    Ish- Ah but in my defense, I still used MS Paint 😛 How else do I draw those icons?! 😐 And you know how difficult it is to use that crappy software on your laptop? I don’t have an external mouse either.

    And stop badgering me about the Windows logo. 😦 Yes, it’s more colorful. But WTF. The products suck.

    Yeah, since it is your B’day, I thought why not bachche ko happy kar diya jaaye? 😛 Took me all evening. I got so exhausted drawing that I actually went off to sleep for 3 hours on my couch. LOL.

    And I’m so mad at Airtel. They have some fucking technical problem going on. So the only thing I could do is text 😦 I’ll try to call again though- just to talk 🙂 Oh, I love you too 😛 Thanks for flirting. It’s always a pleasure.

    xylene- thanks 🙂

    lallo- Come on, this is just MS Paint! That’s the first thing anyone learns when he/she gets a computer. Please do it 😛 I’ll take up your movie meme this weekend.

  5. Good pictures! Cheating? Nope! HEHE! I am with you on this, I don’t have the time to do it on MS Paint 😀 Thanks for tagging me and I shall hand draw it myself too! 😀

  6. Amit- Painting in MS Paint takes too long 😐 Crappy piece of software.

    Kiran- Great! Looking forward to it then.

    Harsh-Of course 😛 That monkey’s name is Ish.

    Arvind-Okay, so this means you are gonna do this one, right?

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