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A to Z of Movies

Lallopallo tagged me for a movie meme a couple of days back. I started off by writing a blog post, only to realize that I am wasting my time. No, not wasting my time doing the meme, but wasting my time re-listing all movies that I’ve mentioned in the Cinema page of my blog. But thanks to this meme, I’ve made a couple of adjustments: I have removed the categories (Action, Drama, Foreign, Documentaries etc.). Categories restrict the art of movie making. At least that’s what I feel. A movie is so much more than just drama or action. Instead, I’ve re-arranged the movies that I like based on their first names (A, B, C, D…etc).

Lallo, I know you wanted me to add why I liked each movie. I’m sorry I haven’t done that because it’s difficult for me to sum it up in a couple of sentences. I have linked each movie to the IMDB page, which gives ample information (the movie outline, main characters, quotes etc.). In any case, IMDB does a better job that I will ever do. Some of these movies have been previously reviewed on my blog and I’ve inserted the links next to the names of the movies.

Like I mentioned to Arjun on Twitter:


I’m not tagging anyone particularly. Anyone who wants to take up this meme is free to do so.


9 thoughts on “A to Z of Movies

  1. Dev says:

    Hey Ruhi, I didnt ask to write about the movie (which as you rightly pointed out can be checked at IMDB etc), but to write about what made YOU like the movie. It could be few lines or even few would have been easier if you picked just one movie..
    Anyways, thanks for updating the cinema page instead..

  2. Shefaly- Yeah, something like that! 🙂

    Lallo- I understand what you meant. My main problem is singling out one movie based on the letter. I made a rough draft too, but found it impossible! 🙂 Sorry. And I was mostly re-listing everything that I had on the other page in my blog. I think the others whom you tagged benefited from this meme because they don’t have a comprehensive cinema page.

  3. Off topic – Did u read Tales of Beedle the Bard? U had bought it no?

    I’m planning to buy it so thought of asking u. I asked u on twitter but I think as u r not following me u didnt get the tweet. So I m asking here. Sorry.

  4. Reema- Yes, I have read it. It was okay- a twenty minute read, I would say. Nothing spectacular or exciting though. Same old same old.

    I do receive tweets from people whom I don’t follow. Maybe I missed your tweet! Sorry about that. 🙂

  5. Good to see some new additions in your cinema page.
    The tag is cool by the way.

    And I’ am planning to steal the meme…(ok?)
    As I ‘am quiet jobless over here and as I have ran out of ideas for the blog I think i will do this one.


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  7. I love that you have a Cinema page 🙂 It is a guide for me – to get a life and start watching some good movies as soon as my MBA haunting ends! 😀

  8. Arjun- Actually, I was thinking of tagging you, but wasn’t sure if you would take it up! Thanks for doing it. 🙂

    Kiran- Great! You know what you gotta do now. 😉

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