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Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Maria Elena used to say that only unfulfilled love can be romantic

– Juan Antonio

Woody Allen almost makes me ashamed of wanting normalcy and stability in my life. He also seems to propound that sex equals love. As in, unless two people are having lots of sex, they can’t be in love. Maybe I’m getting it all wrong. I enjoyed the madness and the Spanish scenery. I enjoyed feeling inspired to love, to paint, to create music and to live like an artist. I wish I’d watched this movie sooner. Perhaps I would have done something about what I didn’t intentionally want to happen.

Oh, Penelope Cruz looked very pretty. But I’m not sure if she deserved the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. I think Scarlett Johansson did put up an equally impressive performance. I’ve seen Scarlett Johansson and Rebecca Hall together in The Prestige and it was a pleasure seeing them again in this romantic comedy. Javier Bardem looks delicious.

Rating: 9/10



13 thoughts on “Vicky Cristina Barcelona

  1. I saw the movie some time back. Loved it!
    I think this is the most ‘glamorous’ Woody Allen movie. 🙂
    I liked the use of colours(mostly orange and browns). They really set the mood of the movie.

      • I saw Annie Hall sometime back. It was one crazy movie. 🙂
        Manhattan is lying in my laptop from quite some time. Haven’t seen it yet.
        I think even Match Point was not set in NYC and neither was Scoop.
        Somehow, VCB does not give the feel of a Woody Allen movie. Its very very different from his usual style.

        • Dev says:

          “Its very very different from his usual style”
          Not really Amit. Infact I found VCB to be very Allenseque film, right from the start till the end. I personally think that even his very serious dramas ( Match Point and Interiors, for ex), have a distinct Allenseque feel to them. Perhaps it’s because I have seen all of his 40+ odd films that I almost feel his work now. 🙂
          The only thing different is that in the recent times he has been shooting a lot in Europe, away from his favorite New York city. Btw, in his latest whatever works he returned to New York. But I didnt like WW much. I think VCB is much better.

          • Wow you’ve seen all 40+ ? I don’t know if I want to see all of them. But I would love to see his live jazz performance the next time I’m in NYC.

            Amit & Dev- Yeah, I agree with Dev. I think the characters were very Woody Allen-ish. They invoke shock and very open minded. Very left liberal.

            I haven’t seen Whatever Works. I didn’t like the reviews very much. Since you’re saying that it’s not that good, I’ll give it a skip and wait for the DVD release. 🙂

            I saw VCB twice in a span of 24 hours. Second time around, I appreciated Maria Elena’s character much more. Now I understand why Cruz won the Oscar. Her role was so short- she didn’t even appear until after 48 mins. But she totally stole the show with her long back hair, her pretty Spanish accent & her sheer sexiness, of course.

  2. This movie has not been released here but it sounds interesting. And yesterday I was having a conversation with a good friend who is settled in the USA and she was telling me that in the US the society often tends to think that having lots of sex is sort of necessary. If there isn’t plenty of sex something is wrong in the relationship! I mean its not as if one can have it when one wants, it’s a kind of pressure from society.

    • I completely agree with you Nita. Imagine telling someone here that you don’t have sex with your husband. They’ll label your relationship as “Failed” marriage. People probably don’t know that most Indians get married to someone they’ve never had sex with.

      But do watch this movie if you get a chance. 🙂 The characters are quite extraordinary.

  3. had watched the movie a couple of months ago…
    it was hard for me to relate to the movie because the culture shown here was very different from what I have witnessed in India.. yet it was an interesting watch.. and loved the narration

    • It’s difficult to relate to such movies if you have a couple of notions set in your mind. 🙂 The characters were very Woody Allen-ish, if you’ve seen her previous works. The narration was brilliant, yes.

  4. Vicky Cristina Barcelona was one crazy movie. Well, at times a little too crazy. But like most of his other works, the ‘Alan-ish’ kinda characters are the best part to it. Loved the performances. And god, the Spanish locations are pure madness.
    I can’t wait to see the new work from the guy. ‘Whatever Works’ looks really awesome from the trailers and stuff.

    • Arjun, you’ll kill me now- I’m going to watch Whatever Works this weekend. It’s been released in a couple of independent theaters here. None of the mainstream theaters like AMC, Wehrenberg etc. play a lot of these movies. Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy the darkroom scene betn. Cristina and Maria Elena? 😉 I have nothing to complain about.

  5. Dev says:

    Well, I liked VCB. I think it had Allen in his element once again. It had all his favorite themes – eventually falling in love with somebody whom you hated first ( Rebecca vs Javier), Penelope’s artistic genius mixed with her craziness (something like Sean Penn in ‘sweet and lowdown’), confused sexuality ala Johansson- all juxtaposed neatly in the script. It was fascinating to see Javier in such a different role after his scary act in No Country for Old Men. Also, VCB felt a bit Husbands and Wives to me, probably because of the narrator, although narrators are often frowned upon by the screenwriting gurus because you’re supposed to “show not tell”.

    • Javier and Cruz are fellow Spaniards and are actually dating. 🙂 They’ve done three movies together. I could hardly recognize Javier. There is a new Coen Brothers movie coming out in Oct. 2009. I’m waiting for that!

      Re: narration style- I’m not sure why it’s frowned upon. Getting the right tone of narration is an art in itself. How can we possibly define what’s an acceptable form of art?

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