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To Information “Over-loaders”

It’s OK.The world understands. It’s so busy with information overload that it won’t notice. Not that you’re forgettable, but your connections will be there when you come back.Really. Take care of yourself first.

Source: Couldn’t Tweet Today? Don’t Beat Yourself Up Over it, NY Times, 02/04/2010

You’re welcome.

General ramblings

A Man Kills His Wife on Grounds of Adultery and Cheating

I read stuff like this all the time, but I don’t know why this one’s stuck to my mind since the past 36 hours or so. Some newspapers have built articles based on Orkut scraps left behind by people, known and unknown. Since when has Orkut become an authentic source of information? I remember reading similar articles when Minal Panchal was shot in the Virginia Tech massacre.

Perhaps this is good reason to activate those privacy settings in your Orkut scrapbook- even if you happen to die, people won’t hound your scrapbook. Google, of course, won’t delete your account, unless it has been notified to do so. I don’t know the exact procedure, but I’m guessing that it is very elaborate.

During times like these, I feel happy that I don’t use Orkut and that I’m not much of a Facebook user either.

Coming back to the killing case, does anything ever justify taking someone else’s life? For most of us, the answer would be no. It is only when the answer is a Yes that we get to read about it in the media. If you think that everyone is condemning this act, then think again. You will be surprised to know that there are tons of people out there (mostly men) who support Amit Budhiraja’s killing act. I was reading the scraps left in their Orkut profiles and going by that, people have given various justifiable reasons-

“..If the story is true about the affair, I don’t condemn your decision.. I feel sorry for the pain you must have gone through, insecure or not, there’s no man in this world who is going to have the woman he truly loves even in the thoughts of another person…” – If every man would kill a woman because of adultery and justice is meted out in this manner, then why bother having a judiciary?

“…You saved more than 3 people by killing just 2, you saved your parents, yourself and your relatives from the dowry harrassment!! You set the right example for others.”- Which brings me to the question of Dowry Harassment. The Dowry Laws in India have been deemed inadequate by lots of people, who feel that a woman can always file a false dowry harassment case against her husband and put the husband and her in-laws behind bars. Is it so simple? Of course not. So why exactly are we over-simplifying this issue?

I’m not denying the fact that there are women out there who misuse the law and undermine the genuineness of some other dowry cases. But an eye for an eye will make the entire world blind.

There are others out there who don’t know the couple personally, yet are hasty in drawing conclusions based on shaky premises. For example- Some are accusing Rinku of adultery and of cheating. Do we know her side of story? All that’s come to light is a 6 page suicide note written by Amit. And there are some more who have taken their hatred one step further and have abused Rinku’s office colleague, Arvind Kejariwal, of having an illicit affair with a married woman and for being responsible for the deaths. Why blame him? Why blame anyone?

I came across this quote sometime back, that tries to explain the psychology behind cheating-

“I’ve thought a lot about the psychology of cheating and reckon it flows largely from one thing – you don’t value yourself as a person: if you did, you’d end a relationship that was not fulfilling because, knowing how valuable you are, you’d be sure to find someone else.”

Why not just keep quiet, take a note of the matter at hand and move on? You don’t need to physically end someone’s life. This can also be achieved through mental torture…something like what V.S Naipaul confesses to have done. Isn’t he a murderer then? Why not put him behind bars?

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Microsoft gets a slice of Facebook

After ages, Microsoft did something smart and got a small slice of Facebook for $240 million, which is actually not much for the software giant if you take a look at the company’s cash flow statement. The deal ends in 2011. This gives Facebook lots of cash to hire more developers. Microsoft gains access to a new advertising venue, but what is probably more important for them right now is the fact that they’ve beat Google. If you guys remember, Google had partnered with MySpace earlier and they also own the “immensely” popular (at least in Brazil and India) social networking site Orkut. I think Microsoft really needed this deal, especially after Ballmer said that they are looking to acquire around 100 start ups in the next year or so. Looks like he’s finally doing something right.

Zuckerberg is smart too. He’s given Microsoft only 1.6% of his growing empire. Right now, it looks like a win-win situation for both the parties.

What kind of advertisements do we expect to see? I definitely don’t want to see “Live Search” boxes. 😐 Else I’m quitting Facebook too. As it is, all those crazy application requests are driving me crazy. So, I generally don’t send requests to my friends to add these applications. I wish they would do the same. It will save me a few clicks.

By the way, I would love to see personalized URLs on Facebook- something like what MySpace and LinkedIn let you do. I wonder why we haven’t gotten that option yet.

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Yahoo Mash- No Splash Here

Raphy sent me an invitation for Yahoo! Mash a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to him, I got in within 48 hours of its opening 🙂 I have been meaning to do a post on it since quite some time, but haven’t been able to. Mash is still in Beta and is available by invitations only. So leave me a comment if you want an invite!

Customization- There is a lot of customization that you can do to your profile AND to your friend’s profiles, if they allow it. I think this is a new idea and can become a hit. However, I wouldn’t like someone editing my profile and writing stupid stuff all the time. You can restrict it to “Only Me”, Some of my friends (Best friends only, family only ), Any of my friends, or to Everyone (meaning even someone who is not on your friend list can edit it)

Profile Creation- Very easy process. Just click on any area and edit. You can also customize your wallpaper, fonts etc. By default, your display picture is the same as your Yahoo! Messenger (or Yahoo! Mail) display picture.

My Pet- You get to have your own pet and name it to. You can feed it, kill it (like I did), lick, mash it etc.

Blurb- This section reminds me of Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku and all those sites that keep your friends updated of your current status.

My Stuff- Add videos, songs, any other links etc.

Modules- Just like Facebook has Applications, Yahoo! Mash has Modules. Some of the most popular ones are- Flickr RSS Gallery (what is it with people posting every damn photo in their digital camera on Flickr and then showing off? I find it to be highly irritating and repulsive. I know Scoble does it all the time. He’s very happy that he’s already clicked about 36 GB worth of pictures of his new baby boy Milan), PimpMyPet (customize your pet), EgoBoost ( Is self loathing getting you down?), Astrology, Asteroids (Shoot the asteroids before they destroy you), Yahoo Weather, Gift for Friends (something like Free Gift on Facebook).

There is a lot going on there, but Yahoo! Mash faces stiff competition from Facebook, MySpace and Orkut (even though I’ve deleted my profile here. Can’t stand this social networking site. It sucks!). Not to forget, it’s only in Beta testing mode right now. The later it hits the general public, the more difficult it will get to play catch up. I don’t find any reason to become active on Mash in addition to Facebook.

Check out the screen shots in this blog.

You can read the Official Mash Blog to remain updated!

Rating: 6.5/10

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